Sunday, July 27, 2008

2 Days Until the Google Massacre

With just two days left before the launch, I wanted to expand on my original Google Massacre review and give you a little more information about what you'll get when you buy Google Massacre. As far as the eBooks go, there are five main sections:

Section 1 is an introduction to PPC marketing and Google AdWords. It covers things like how to create an AdWords account, and is aimed at folks who are new to PPC and AdWords.

Section 2 goes into more depth, and will be particularly interesting for beginner/intermediate Affiliate Marketers. It covers topics like:

* AdWords copywriting (creating AdWords ads that will convert well)
* Tracking conversions (understanding which ads and keywords are making you money)
* Maximizing keyword relevancy
* Using ad placement to increase your profits
* Outsmarting the enemy through effective keyword research

Section 3 is where things get intense. Even if you've been around affiliate marketing and working with AdWords for a while like I have, starting with this section, you'll start learning stuff you never saw before. Andrew & Steven talk about the science of Googleology and how to apply it to systematically, scientifically maximize your success with AdWords. Some of the topics in Section 3 are:

* Dynamic Keyword Insertion
* Advanced split-testing techniques
* Expert bidding strategies
* Free traffic tips
* The AdWords Editor
* Advanced competition assessment methodologies

Like I said, this is where the real meat of Google Massacre starts if you're an advanced marketer.

Section 4 covers 5 specific landing page strategies. These are their 5 Google Massacre Methods. You can pick and choose among them to create customized landing pages for your ads that are most appropriate to the particular product and market you are targeting. Remember that getting someone to see and click on your ad is only the first part of the deal. Using your landing page to get the visitor into a pre-sold buying mood before you pass them along to the product vendor's sales page is an often forgotten secret to making money in this business.

Section 5 wraps everything up with advice on how to combine all the stuff you just learned into campaigns that crush the competition. By this point you have all the tools you need to succeed; its time to start your own Google Massacre.

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