Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Google Massacre Review

If you haven't yet achieved great Internet Marketing (IM) success, you probably have a love/hate relationship with Google. Working on this Google Massacre Review reminded me of my own rocky love affair with mistress Google. Some months I've made thousands of dollars promoting products online; other months (particularly early in my career) I lost hundreds of dollars. Making money through Google AdWords is not for the faint of heart.
Andrew X & Steven L. Jones have been around the IM business for a lot longer than I have. And they're a lot more successful too. Over the years they've developed techniques that have enabled them to make piles of money in this business. They've also shared their knowledge with others through the products they've published, such as the very successful Google Magic Formula.

Now Andrew and Steven are back, with their latest guide to Internet Marketing, Google Massacre. Google Massacre combines an eBook and videos to give you the boys' latest information on how to make a killing marketing products with Google AdWords.

The Massacre imagery here is intentional. In their guide, Andrew & Steven tell how they've evolved from polite competition with other affiliates, to fiercely attacking their competitors (without doing anything illegal or immoral, of course) in order to succeed in even the most competitive situations.

Indeed, the acronym that symbolizes their new approach to business is SCALP, as in scalping your enemies. They say that their approach is meant to strike fear into the hearts of your competitors as you move in and take over their most profitable markets.

While I think their imagery is a little over the top, I do agree with Andrew & Steven's basic premise that Internet Marketing has become fiercely competitive, and you need to be ready to fight for your share of the pie.

Here's an example from my own experience. Early this year, I had a strong position promoting one particular product. I was earning about $100/day from this one product alone. Until over a period of about two weeks, my sales of this product completely disappeared. Nothing I did was able to restore my previous position. Eventually, I learned that a smarter, more experienced marketer had noticed how profitable my niche was and decided to take it over. And he did. He blew away all of us who had been making money in that niche, and grabbed all the profits for himself. Last I knew, this guy was making around $2000/day promoting 'my' old product, and I was out of the game completely.

It's vicious out there.

Google Massacre is meant to help you fight back and win in this business. It gives you the information and techniques you need to compete against the sharks out there - even to become one of them yourself. And in this business, most of the money goes to the predators at the top of the food chain. Google Massacre can help you claw your way to the top.

So what will you get when you buy Google Massacre? I don't want to go into too much detail and steal Steven and Andrew's thunder, but I can give you some idea:

  • Secret techniques for legally stealing your competition's best keywords and markets

  • The wicked "Traffic Confluence" method that lets you grab your competitors customers

  • Little-known ways to cut your costs to the bone & maximize your profits

  • Reliable ways to predict the costs of attacking a market up front

  • Surprising ways to double, even triple your traffic overnight

  • The "Vulcan Death Grip" that lets you wipe out your competitors with one simple move

  • A never-before revealed method to get your ads ranked above the competition, even though they pay more than you do

  • High-speed keyword research techniques to find profitable keywords FAST!

As you can see, there's a ton of good stuff in this package. Now if you're a veteran Internet Marketer, and making $100/day or more, you really don't need Google Massacre. But if you're not there yet, buy Google Massacre now. You won't regret it.

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